123sponsor – Sponsorship & NFT platform

Whether you are a Project Leader of all kinds or a Creator artist...
...come and offer for sale your images, videos or audio files, recorded in NFT on the Platform.


The NFT is a special type of “Token” Cryptographic Token of the Blockchain, which represents a digital object such as:
Image - Video - Audio File, to which is attached a tamper-proof digital identity allowing it to be identified and its movements to be tracked at any time.

NFTs offer an accurate history of all their trades since their inception.
NFTs, like crypto currencies, are unique and tamper-proof.
NFTs can be bought and then resold at auction or over-the-counter!
The NFTs presented on 123sponsor are likely to display a valuation that fluctuates according to several criteria related to the activity of their Creators.


For Project Developers or for Creators:
  • Creation of content automatically saved in NFT.
  • Sale, to Fans or by auction, of NFTs created in a single copy
    or in a multiple edition of 10 - 100 - 300.
  • Collection of copyright on NFTs resold by Fans, with each transaction without time limit.

For Fans:
  • Acquisition of NFT.
  • Order of a particular NFT from an identified Project Developer.
  • Sale of NFT acquired by mutual agreement.
  • Sale of NFT at Auction.

  • For Sponsors:
    • Sponsorship of an NFT with inlay of its Brand logo.


    • As with all speculative securities, NFT's naturally gain value through the double effect of scarcity and demand.
    • Because 123sponsor NFT's are created by Project Developers, we let's attach external enhancement elements adaptable to all categories of NFT's.
    For example:
    1. Acquisition of 500 to 1000 additional Fans for the Project Leader
    2. Access to a Podium for Sports Projects
    3. Prize-giving, Reward or Diploma for artists
    4. Signature of a Sponsorship campaign
    5. Article in the Press
    6. Live TV or Radio interview
    7. Participation in a General Public event - Competition - Exhibition - etc.
    8. Participation in a VIP public event - Olympic Games - FIAC - etc.
    • The face value for the creation of a unique NFT is set by the Creators in consideration of the print run.
    • The resale price of an NFT is freely fixed by the Fan owner.
    • Each transaction is subject to the withholding of a copyright commission for the benefit of the Creator.
    • A price list is suggested to the Parties, who can use it as a basis to set their selling price.
    • The insertion of a Sponsor's logo is negotiated freely between the Creator and the Brand.