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123sponsor puts your Project in touch with Companies for its sponsorship financing.

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123sponsor presents your Project to a selection of Companies in affinity with it to create Sponsorship campaigns.

How does it work
for Project Developers?

1. Free registration and publication of you Project.
2. Choice of 3 Freemium formulas.
3. Presentation to Companies selected for their affinity with your Project.
4. Publication on our social networks.
5. Provision of services designed to provide you with recurring income and help you finance your Project overall.

Present your project in detail:
no size limit for your presentation texts
no limit for photos in your portfolio.

Take advantage of your free Sponsorship Blog
to present your news

Display as many Videos for free as you want
to present your Project ...


* Schedule a Sponsorship or Banner Advertising campaign online, which you can offer to Companies with online payment that you can adjust at will.

* On your Project Room, immediately benefit from an Advertising Banner that automatically generates income for you.

Give your Fans a voice. Create your own community network and share special moments with them, with content that no other social network publishes.

Businesses! With 123Sponsor you can regularly launch new Sponsoring campaigns by varying the types of Projects,
while controlling budgets.
1. Organize your Sponsorship campaign online and discuss live with the Project Leader.
2. Pay online to start your campaign as soon as possible when you agree on the conditions.
3. Regularly receive your campaign statistics to measure your ROI.

How does it work
for Companies?

  1. Registration free and without obligation.
  2. We identify, with AI, the Projects in affinity with your activity and your communication philosophy.
  3. We send you by email and in priority, the Projects which match with your Company.
  4. You can subscribe online your Sponsoring campaign or your Advertising campaign.


Support your Project Partner for as long as necessary by financing his Project through monthly or quarterly payments and save your cash flow!

123SPONSOR acts as a trusted third party to ensure that the agreements made between the Sponsor Company and the Project Owner are well respected.
The two parties can chat at any time by Private Chat, available in their management area.

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