Put your Project in touch with Companies for Sponsorship campaigns.
Our services allow you to engage and animate your network of fans to start generating recurring income

All projects can use the 123SPONSOR Platform:
Sports - Art - eSports - Adventures - Explorations - Conferences - Exhibitions - Environments - Events - Handisports - Humanitarian - Heritage - Research - Studies - Sciences - Socials

Register your Project for global funding... we will present it to our network of Partner Companies and those identified by our Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Animate your community of Fans by offering them communication services to start generating recurring income for your project.

Get your fans involved with your project by offering them exclusive content. Use videos, texts and images to illustrate your project and bring it to life;

Take advantage of our new service to publish unlimited videos about your project for free !
We use Artificial Intelligence to analyze web data and identify Companies in affinity with your Project.


123Sponsor is a platform that allows project leaders to achieve their goals thanks to the recurring income of their fans and the financial support of Partner Companies

123sponsor offers 3 Forms for the registration of Project Leaders:


Free formula including the possibility to publish all the videos you want...
No obligation, no commitment, you can upgrade to the PRO formula at any time to maximize the full potential of your project.


Create content Texts, Photos, Videos, and animate your network of Fans to generate recurring income.
123SPONSOR helps you with new services and marketing advice to reach your fundraising goals.


Platform dedicated to Sponsorship 123SPONSOR offers Businesses hundreds of Projects of all kinds.
The Company - Project - Fans in partnership is an innovative formula!
The Sponsor Brand can measure the visibility impact of its campaign.
The Project finds there a double trigger funding: global + recurring.
Fans can communicate directly with their hero. .

  • Sportifs

    You are a high-level athlete and need to financing for upcoming competitions, including travel fees and money for equipment. 123Sponsor gives you the means to showcase your talent and ambitions to increase your exposure with your future partners through exclusive content.

  • Sportifs

    You are a painter and need finances for your next exhibition. This may include finances travel expenses and art supplies such as canvases, paint and paint brushes. Get exposure for your talent; bring your fans together by allowing them VIP access behind the scenes of your creations and make it easier to find financial sponsors that will help fund your exhibition

  • Sportifs

    You are an environmental activist, you care for our planet and have an Environmental Impact Project in mind that involves going to study the evolution of global warming in Antarctica. We will help you find the right company that will mobilize their employees offering them a subscription for privileged access to your adventure to start generating income to fund your project. The company and their employees become your sponsor & fans.

our solutions for companies

123SPONSOR does not take commission on financing freely negotiated between the Company and its Project partner.
With 123SPONSOR, the Company can precisely measure the volume of traffic generated by its partner and control its ROI by consulting the statistics made available to it.
Spaces are reserved in the Project presentation pages to allow Companies to communicate directly with Project Fans.

Better than advertising, Sponsoring allows Companies to send very targeted messages, giving them notoriety and additional sales.
On the 123SPONSOR Platform, Companies can find:
Projects to support
Communication services through an interposed hero
Project leaders to come and animate motivational events for their teams and partners