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FAQ - Everything you need to know about 123sponsor.one

December 2021

Who is 123SPONSOR ?
123SPONSOR is the Platform dedicated to Sponsoring which connects the Project Developers, of all sorts, with the Companies identified in affinity according to their activity.
Why use 123SPONSOR ?
123SPONSOR is an easy-to-use platform. There are announcements of projects seeking funding or material assistance or service. Sponsors from all over the world can come and choose projects they can support.
Project Leaders can invite their Fans to create with them a community that can be animated in order to generate recurring income.
Can one use 123SONSOR on smartphones or tablets ?
123SPONSOR is a web service adapted in responsive design to be able to be consulted from any screen of computer or smartphone or tablet. A mobile application will be developed later.
What are the terms and conditions of registration for sponsors and project promoters?
You can find the terms and conditions for registration of sponsors and projects promoters here
What is the cost for using our platform for a Sponsor?
Registration of Sponsor Companies is free.
The Project Developers offer the Sponsors paid sites in which they can communicate.
Subscription to a Sponsorship campaign or an Advertising campaign can be done online.
The conditions for subscribing to a campaign are proposed by the Project Owner. A chat service is made available so that the Parties can come to an agreement.
Payment for the Campaign must be made online. The amount is then transmitted to the Project Owner after deduction of Platform management costs as well as technical costs.
The budget requested by the Project Developers can be settled in one go or by monthly or quarterly installments according to the choice proposed by the PP.
What is the cost of using our platform for a project leader?

Registration for Project Leaders is free and they have the choice between 2 options:
1 / FREE allows you to use the Platform for free, to present and publish a Project
2/ TOP enables the search and selection of Sponsors with our Artificial Intelligence algorithms
2 / PRO allows access to all the services made available by the Platform so that the Project Leader can animate his community of Fans. In addition 123sponsor intervenes to improve the presentation of your texts while animating social networks.
An innovative system for the management of Sponsoring or Advertising campaigns is available in this formula so that the Project Leader can offer the Companies the conditions for its financing.

Your PRO or TOP subscription will be totally deducted from the sponsorship commission

Measurement of the profitability of Sponsoring or Advertising campaigns
Statistics are made available to Sponsors to enable them to assess their ROI of their investment.
How can Project Leaders be financed?
Project Developers can obtain funding from two distinct sources:
1- Through a Sponsor, Brand or Company providing a budget capable of meeting the needs of the Project.
2 - Through the sale of advertising banners available to the Project Sponsor or sold to Brands outside the Project
3 - Through his community of FANS. These have the option of subscribing to various services for low costs which generate recurring income for the Project Owner.
What type of project can we offer on 123SPONSOR?
There is no limit apart from those of the good sitting and as part of our legislation. The themes of projects are various and varied: Art, Adventure - Exploration, Conferences - Fairs, Events, Handicap, Humanitarian, National Heritage, Research - Studies, Sciences, Social, Sport, Technologies.
If your project does not fit into one of these categories, do not hesitate to contact us to suggest a theme that we would have forgotten provided that it complies with our general conditions of use.
Is there a limit to the number of projects I can propose and the amount requested?
There is no limit to the number of projects you can propose on 123SPONSOR provided they are all different, on at least one of their specifications (Title - Date or Location). Our moderation team also takes care of this. 
There is also no limit on the amount of aid requested. The amount displayed is only an indication since the definitive amount is negotiated freely between the project holder and his sponsor.
How does the relationship between the project and the sponsors work?
When the project is published, all the interested sponsors can request a connection provided that they have subscribed to one of our paid formulas. The project leader then receives the notice of request that he can accept or refuse. Its acceptance automatically triggers the display of project details in the private area of ​​the sponsor, who then has the opportunity to contact directly. 
The negotiations are then private and 123SPONSOR does not deal with it.
How does the relationship between the Project Leader and the FANS work?
Interested FANS can apply to register to follow and support a Project. The project leader then receives the request notice which he can accept or refuse. Its acceptance automatically triggers the connection of the Fan who can then choose the Services made available to him.
How do I unsubscribe when I am a registered PROJECT LEADER or a FAN?
There is no commitment of any kind. Fans can unsubscribe and terminate their subscription at any time.
Project Developers can unsubscribe and delete the publication of their Project at any time without any penalty or request for an explanation. 
The subscription will be terminated at the end of the current active period.
123sponsor making no reimbursement for the current period.
What is the deadline for my project to be published?
It is very fast provided that your registration is made in the standards: 
- All mandatory fields correctly filled 
- You confirmed your email address by filling in the code received by email 
- Our moderation team found nothing to complain about your presentation

Remember that you are looking for funding, so be as specific as possible in your Project description and the presentation of your Profile. 123sponsor provides you with everything you need to encourage businesses to support you.
How to get the attention of Sponsors?
The Sponsors are sensitive to the reputation of the Project Leader as well as to the quality of his Project.
To better attract their attention, be sure to be specific and motivating in the description of your Project.
Add as many photos as possible. Still Images and Videos are always appreciated by Sponsors and your visiting Fans.
Do not forget to indicate the addresses of your Social Pages with the number of people who have subscribed to them.
By subscribing to the PRO formula you will get more content to publish and also Marketing advice to improve your presentation.
How long can I get a sponsorship offer?
Hard to say blind! But it depends mainly on your project and its presentation. Also your capacity to realize it and the audience that you will be able to offer to your sponsor are factors of appreciation that the sponsors watch with attention. 
And it depends mainly on the appetite aroused by our Sponsors partners by your project.
I did not receive any contact requests after several days, weeks! What should I do ?
If you think that your project is visibly strong and capable of attracting a large audience, there is no real reason for anyone to want to help you fund it. 
However, your presentation may not be attractive enough. Get help writing it differently or add more images or videos. You can modify your presentation at anytime.
I can't manage to animate my FANS community well! Can you help me ?
We have Community Management teams and Online Marketing Experts available to help you better present your Project, better disseminate it and better recruit FANS able to follow and support you.
All you need to do is subscribe to 123sponsor's Marketing service, which you can contact through our CONTACT page.
What is the level of security on 123SPONSOR?
Our site 123SPONSOR is in compliance with the GDPR. Personal data necessary for the operation of our service are securely stored on the servers of our partners for the hosting of the site and for the management of our mailings. We guarantee that this data will never be sold or rented. In addition, the payment of our service is made through our partner Stripe and the credit card information is never held at 123SPONSOR.
123SPONSOR is it suitable for large sponsors or for small?
123SONSOR is a marketplace that democratizes Sponsorship to make it accessible to all Companies and Brands around the world. Sponsorship having no borders, a Project can find its Sponsor near its home or at the other end of the planet.
How to formalize the Sponsoring agreement?
A Sponsoring and / or Advertising Contract, automatically generated, will soon be made available to the Parties to formalize their Partnership agreement.
What is the use of the intra-community VAT number?
The VAT number is claimed only for French sponsors. It is essential for the good management of our organization, but also for the drafting of a sponsorship contract and for the edition of our invoices.
Who can help me in case of difficulties?
A help service is available from 9:00 to 19:00 in Europe and by mail using our contact form.