Operation POURQUOI - 247 Exclusive NFTs


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123SPONSOR is selling 247 NFTs of the Portfolio POURQUOI selected among the Project Holders.
Each NFT in draw by 10 making 2470 NFT to collect.

Dynamic & automatic valuation
Starting face value → 45,00€
Face value of arrival → 2.687,66€ *


Creation of a unique NFT including the 247 original photos entrusted to the 123SPONSOR Platform


This UNIQUE NFT is proposed for an AUCTION SALE by OPENSEA


  • First Thousand NFTs

From the first 11 NFTs sold, all NFTs increase their face value by 10%
Then for every 50 NFTs sold, the 10% increase applies to all the NFTs in the collection. Sold or not.
And this until NFT number 1,000

  • Second Thousand NFTs

Same mechanism with a 25% increase in value per 250 NFTs sold .
Applies from NFT n° 1.001 to NFT number 2.000

  • Third block of 250 NFTs

100% increase in value from the price of NFT number 2000.
Applies from NFT n° 2.001 to NFT number 2.250

  • Last block of 220 NFTs

100% increase in value from the price of NFT number 2250.
Applies from NFT n° 2.251 to NFT number 2.470

Buy 10 NFTs within 24 hours, get 1 free
Buy 20 NFTs within 24 hours, get 3 free

10% of NFT Sales excluding VAT will be collected to help Ukraine.

The POURQUOI Collection is freely accessible.
To buy NFTs you will need a SOLANA Wallet.
Payment is simply made in €euros payable by credit card secured by our partner Stripe.
Your NFT is then Minted at no additional cost before being transferred to your Wallet.

Do you have a question and want to contact us? It's here: [email protected]