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Projet: Individuel

Résidence: Canada

Audience: North America

Besoin: 1.000 €


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Rings For Rights and Back

Compétences & expertise

SPORT: Ultra cyclist… former Professional Mountain, Marathon and Ultra Trail Runner. Certified running coach, yoga instructor, pilates teacher and personal trainer.

I first became interested in fitness as a child of the age of 7 and progressed to become certified to instruct others starting in 2002 and this continues today. Manitoba Fitness Leadership Certification in Fitness Theory was followed by NCCP Coaching Certification in Athletics/ Distance Running (Level 2) and then by securing STOTT Pilates Instructor Certification in 2004. Incorporating a full certification in Stott Pilates was started by teaching the Executive Directors of various sports in MB and moved on to leading Pilates instruction in AB at The Banff Centre and to runners in BC. A Bachelors of Arts in Recreation Management and Community Development was secured in 2005 to support this base as well as Yoga Instructor Certification in 2014. These certifications tie together with being a motivational speaker since 2002, and hope show I have what it takes to motivate and inspire others to reach within and excel. Applying myself has also led to many opportunities such as being Head Coach: for Team MB in 2002, Team Diabetes from 2003 to 2006, VANOC Sun Run team in 2008, and coaching over 1500 distance runners since 2002. I have also been certified as a Personal trainer since 2016.

Own Athletic Training:
As a Metis youth, I began my journey as an athlete playing ice hockey for 22 years. Merging into Martial Arts for 34 years, I then turned my focus onto distance running starting in 1999. Self-coached; I developed as a runner to run around the entire world in 2007 and represent at 13 World/ commonwealth championship events in Mountain Running and Ultra Running. Focusing on researching effective training methods and incorporating these into my training, I love the creative process needed for developing into the best athlete I can be. It is my aim to get fitter, faster and better for decades to come! Being recognized for fitness awards from the Canadian Forces, the Province of Manitoba, Wood Buffalo Sports hall of Fame and others is something I hope inspires others to follow their passion and athletic journey.

Le projet

Cycling Across Western Canada
Purpose: Inspire Hearts and Influence Positive Environmental change

Where: Whistler Olympic Rings to Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg, and back. At this point a stop at Vancouver City hall will be done in case the full crossing attempt is made

Why Olympic Rings…
Our games have also embodied unity amongst all nations in an unprecedented scope . No other event has brought us together in peace to this level. It is key for us to work together to make our lives and future better. We do this by building from our strengths and showcasing our interdependent success.

Why Museum of Human Rights…
Our universal rights are directly tied to the rights of our environment in demanding positive action now. They won’t mean a thing if we don’t prioritize our environment

How: In the nature of self-sustained living and travel, carrying all that is required will be done with tenting and rough sleeping on the way. it is in my nature to challenge myself and this could very well mean an attempt at going for my fastest possible time for the route.

*It could become a full cross Canada attempt but would most likely have to bike back as well thus the Winnipeg and back route in addition to the most important reason.

The ride is to also raise funds for the Squamish Helping Hands Society
and specifically for the Under One Roof housing program

The SOLO ride is under my own incentive and I accept the results of my participation. Under no circumstance is the SHHS advocating the ride as a fundraiser. I am doing it to show my support for the Sea to Sky community and will ride no matter what. It is my choice to raise funds for SHHS and their Under One Roof program. I understand that during these trying times unneeded travel is not recommended but it is also during these dangerous times that there is a great opportunity to help those affected the most. I will take this chance to do my part in how I can. If I can inspire an Indigenous child stuck at home, an addict overcoming being in a bad way, someone suffering from depression and feeling alone; then it is worth it to me. If I may also get your support to help me with the ride for food and equipment along the way it will only add my ability to get it done and raise more funds for those aiming for a better life. For me, I know that even by supporting one specific local community housing project such as Under One Roof, we create a precedent for showing the impossible is possible. In a way I want my ride to reflect this as well.

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